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Sticky Pad® Roadster™

Hold Your GPS, Smart Phone, PDA, MP3, iPod®, iPhone® and Zune™ With The New Sticky Pad® Roadster™
Sticky Pad® Roadster™ - Sticky Pad GPS Holder - Stickypad Smart Phone Holder - Auto Dash Pad Holders

Extra Large Sticky Pad® Roadster™ for Extra Large Mobile Devices in Cars

Sticky Pad® Roadster™ Dash Pads

Roadster Sticky Pad Dash Board Cell Phone Holder

Great new design makes the Sticky Pad® Roadster™ a winner! The patented gel material grips tightly to car and truck console or dash board - holding digital devices, glasses, coins AND MORE in place; preventing objects from slipping and sliding. Sides help to hold additional items from rolling out or off the Roadster™. Made to hold smartphones with GPS mapping in vertical position for easy visibility and less distractions. Can sit on airplane tray to watch movies in flight. Cleans easily for renewable grip. Amazing colorful graphics, printed 4-color process. Individually packaged in clamshell with instructional card.

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Sticky Pad® Roadster™
Protected by U.S. Patents 6,673,409 / 7,125,602 / 7,252,867

09804 Sticky Pad® Roadster™
STANDARD COLORS: Only Available in Black.
DIMENSIONS: 3 7/8" x 5 7/8"
2 7/8" x 1 1/4" provide 1/8" bleed
Full 4-color process printing available.

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