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Sticky Pad®, iSticky Pad®, & Jelly Sticky Pad®

Keep Your iPhone, iPod, or any Cell Phone Handy With The Sticky Pad, Jelly Sticky Pad, and iSticky Pad!
This iSticky Pad holds your music player, cell phone or other digital device securely on the dashboard of your car.
Works Great as an Eyeglass Holder, iPhone, iPod Holder, Zune Holder, MP3 Player Holder, Coin Holder, and Anti-Slip Mat.

Magically holds your cell phone, PDA, iPod®, MP3 player, glasses, and change on your car's dash board
Sticky Pad Cellular Phone Holders for Your Automobile Dash Board. Works Great as an Eyeglass Holder, iPhone, iPod Holder, Zune Holder, Blackberry Holder, MP3 Player Holder, and Anti-Slip Mat. Non-skid Non-Adhesive Sunglass Holder or PDA Pad for Your CariSticky Pad - iPod Holder - Zune HolderJelly Sticky Pad iPhone Holder


  • Holds Objects on Dash
  • Clings to Any Car Dash
  • Washable, Removable, Reusable
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Non-Magnetic
  • No Adhesives

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Sticky Pad®, iSticky Pad®, and Jelly Sticky Pad®
Protected by U.S. Patent 6,673,409

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